Research Interests

My research interests lie in the area of signal processing theory and methods aimed at or involving audio. I am thus interested in both the theoretical aspects of signal processing and a wide range of different audio applications, including hearing aids, diagnosis of illnesses, music equipment, surveillance, and speech communication. Some specific topics that are of interest are listed below:

  • Pitch estimation
  • Modeling of speech and audio signals
  • Speech enhancement
  • Microphone arrays
  • Sparse approximations
  • Estimation theory
  • Audio and speech coding

You can learn more about my research from the slides from my keynote talk at IWAENC 2016 and the video below which is a recording of my inaugural lecture on June 2 2016.

Recent Projects

Current/Former Ph.D. Students

My current and former Ph.D. students are listed below. They work for companies in a wide range of different areas and some, I am proud to say, have chosen an academic career.

  • Zonglong Bai
  • Qiongxiu Li
  • Taewoong Lee
  • Yingke Zhao
  • Bjarke Skogstad Larsen
  • Alfredo Esquivel
  • Liming Shi
  • Amir Poorjam
  • Charlotte Sørensen
  • Mathew Shaji Kavalekalam
  • Martin Weiss Hansen
  • Vincent Tavakoli (UbiqiSense)
  • Tan Weijie (Northwestern Polytechnical University)
  • Sam Karimian-Azari (Blackberry)
  • Sidsel Marie Nørholm (GN Audio)
  • Jesper Rindom Jensen (AAU)
  • Jesper Kjær Nielsen (AAU)
  • Pejman Mowlaee (Widex)
  • Daniele Giacobello (Sonos)
  • Johan Xi Zhang (Ericsson)
  • Jesper Bünsow Boldt (GN Hearing)
  • Jesper Højvang Lisby (FirstAgenda)
  • Hans Laurberg (Rope Robotics)
  • Morten Holm Larsen (Weibel Scientific)